A few things are very clear about Akillieka team that we never argue about.  We believe technology solutions should be no-nonsense, easy to use, and benefit the client.

We believe that time and energy spent on developing the technology should deliver real value for the customer and not something hollow and fake; developed for the sake of it. 

Our company works with forwarding thinking organizations intending to leverage the benefits of fourth generation technologies which include AI, IoT and Facial Recognition.  We help clients to identify new pockets of revenue opportunities, explore new markets, and improve existing processes. 

Our business model is supported by three pillars; to listen, to design and to deliver. 

Listen –

We listen to our clients. Instead of bombarding them with what we offer and other tech jargon, we listen. It helps us to understand their business, pain points, and a growth story. And this may sometimes require more than a few meetings. 

Design - 

After understanding our clients’ business and identifying the core problem areas, we begin to design solutions. 

We undertake a detailed feasibility study as we sketch solutions for them. We present a report to the client that contains applicable solutions, costs and the expected time frame within which we can create and install the product. Solutions could comprise simple data analytics solutions or developing a complete ecosystem using AI, IoT and Facial Recognition depending on what will work the best

Deliver -

In the final stage, we deliver solutions. Our solutions are supported by sharing of knowledge and technical support. To avoid costs overruns and post-production failures, we create a prototype that is tested using a small database or a few processes. After successful implementation of a prototype, a complete solution is implemented. 

Our bespoke product delivery may include a feasibility study, use of a single technology or use of multiple technologies to create an innovative and smart product for the client. 

Post product delivery is supported by an excellent maintenance service.